Wacky Jerseys - a love story


This may sound bizarre, but I started Wacky Jerseys because I fell out of love with cycling…

The fun was gone. Getting on the bike started to feel like a chore. 

It was my own fault. Over the years, I’d turned my pleasurable jaunts into HORRID training sessions. So I cycled less and less, and for a while, I stopped altogether.

I’d lost touch with why I started cycling in the first place.

I didn’t start cycling to beat segment times, measure my optimal cadence, or measure my watts per kilogram…

I started cycling because of the freedom, the community, and the pure JOY of just being out on the bike.

So, I created Wacky Jerseys to remind myself of this, and to share the message that cycling is, first and foremost, all about having fun in whatever way that means to you.

Whether cycling for you is about getting out with your mates, taking that quiet time to yourself, climbing that daunting hill, or savouring that well-earned slice of cake - we’ve got a jersey for everyone.

See you out on the road.

Much love,